Five More Questions and Answers About INSURANCE

Q. If my car needs to be towed after the accident can I have it towed to the shop I prefer?
A. Yes. You do not have to wait to speak with your insurance company. They will work with the shop you tow the vehicle to.

Q. Do I have to accept the use of used or aftermarket parts for my repair?
A. Check with your insurance agent to see what your policy says. Also, sometimes with older cars aftermarket or used parts are the only parts available.

Q. Who is responsible for paying the auto body shop?
A.You can instruct the insurance company to make a payment directly to the repair shop, but the owner is ultimately responsible to pay for the repair. Your portion (usually the deductible) is not required until the repair is completed and you pick up your vehicle.

Q. Does my auto insurance require I stay in a Network or incur additional expense?
A.No. Unlike health insurance, your auto policy allows you to go to the collision repair center of your choice, typically at no extra cost.

Q. Does my insurance company need to be notified?
A. No, many customers prefer to pay for their own repairs so that a claim does not result in higher insurance premiums.

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